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The Bio-hydro-atmosphere interactions of Energy, Aerosols, Carbon, H2O, Organics & Nitrogen (BEACHON) project was initiated by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)as well as research collaborators from the university community to investigate ecosystem-atmosphere exchange of trace gases and aerosols and their potential feedbacks between biogeochemical and water cycles. One of the project’s primary objectives is to improve the predictability of earth-system models over time scales ranging from minutes to decades. BEACHON is now an ongoing component of atmospheric research sponsored by the National Science Foundation. This interdisciplinary research program integrates local and regional model simulations with remote sensing, regional network observations, and canopy- to regional-scale field measurements. BEACHON includes investigations of atmospheric, ecological and hydrological processes including concentration and flux measurements of energy, CO2, H2O, volatile organic compounds, aerosols, nitrogen compounds, hydrological parameters and feedback processes that are relevant to atmospheric chemistry. Rocky Mountain ecosystems are important for providing water and other resources in the western United States, but contain only a limited number of long-term monitoring sites. This region is predominantly arid or semi-arid resulting in biogeochemical cycles that are water-limited. Since the area contains some of the fastest growing population centers, water limitations (combined with a climate that is projected to be warmer and potentially drier) pose significant societal vulnerabilities (Vorosmarty et al., 2010).

The Manitou Experimental Forest Observatory (MEFO) was established in 2008, in an area representative of a middle-elevation (~2000 - 2500 m ASL). It is a semi-arid, ponderosa pine ecosystem that is common throughout the Rocky Mountain West, but not adequately characterized.


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Chemistry Tower Configuration

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Site Description

This forest’s elevation ranges from 2280 to 2840m ASL, and vegetation is primarily composed of forests of ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, mixed conifer and aspen. Soils underlying the tower site and the surrounding area are classified as deep, well-drained sandy loams and sandy gravelly loams originating from alluvial deposits weathered from underlying arkosic sandstone formations as well as nearby granite formations (Soil Conservation Service, 1992). The terrain slope is asymmetric across this valley with the east side of the valley being steeper and the west side being more gradual (gradient between 3 and 8%). The National Weather Service has been monitoring precipitation at MEFO since 1940 (Station Woodland Park 8 NNW, Coop ID: 059210), and US Forest Service staff have been collecting meteorological data including air and soil temperature, precipitation and wind speed since 1998.

Measurement Timeline

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John Ortega



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